Election Day… Finally!

Man, am I glad that I voted and I am done!

Colleen and I hit the polls just as they were opening at 7am. We ended up waiting in line for about an hour and a half, the longest either of us have ever waited to vote. That’s a pretty good wait considering that Birmingham, Michigan is a pretty small town, about 20,000. There were two precincts voting at our polling place, Derby Middle School. Curiously, or perhaps not so, our line was much longer and seemed to be moving slower.

My ballot numbers was 124, but my ballot was the 129th to be scanned through the machine. I’m glad we have paper ballots that are scanned. I would be very concerned if I had to use a touch screen machine that provides no paper ballot.

There was a poll worker there showing an example ballot. The ballot was yellow and after examining it you had to give it back before you could get your official ballot. More importantly the poll worker herself was donning a bright, reflective neon safety vest. This is a clear signal that she is authorized to discuss the ballot with voters, and not  just some yahoo fucking with voters. Not that that sort of thing would likely happen in a place lika Birmingham anyway. But at other place, especialy urban polling places where the voters are largely minority, it does. And no doubt it will this time too.

Slate.com has an article this morning on voter suppression and fraud. Check it.

Afterwards, Colleen and I continued our Election Day tradition of going out to breakfast. This morning we went to Toast a new place in downtown Birmingham.


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