Ohio first red state to flip blue

Projections have Obama taking Ohio. Big, big news!

Also, New Mexico projected to flip from red to blue! Thank you Governor Richardson! Now more than ever Richardson is likely to have a place in an Obama admin. Perhaps Sec of State.

And Florida is looking good for Obama as well. If that is the case, Virginia and North Carolina aren’t nearly as important, but it would be much better for him if he takes those states as well. Mandate, mandate, mandate!

Recent numbers show McCain looking a lot better in Virginia than expected. Last I saw he was up 51 to 49 or something like that. But it is going to be a long night there.

NC looks to be leaning more for Obama at this point.


5 responses to “Ohio first red state to flip blue

  1. Can you believe the controversy in Florida AGAIN? I say if they can’t fill out the ballot right, throw it away – no matter who it was for! We had that ballot when I lived in Arizona 8 years ago, and it’s not that difficult to draw a straight line.

  2. Oh, yes. I did hear about that. I agree. Here in Michigan, we had that kind of ballot at one time and it didn’t seem that difficult. Of course, we have since switched to ovals. At least in my precinct.

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