Voter Supression Report

Diane Rehm is reporting right now that someone hacked into the email system at George Mason University and sent out an email that looked as if it was from The Dean, “informing” students that Election Day had been moved to Thursday, November 6th, and that any student voting jeopordized their financial aid. Fortunately it was quickly caught and refuted.

What’s interesting about this sort of thing is that the perpatrators (sp) think that students are dumb enough to believe this kind of bullshit. Milliennials, like GenXers, have keen BS detectors.

In any case, these shitheads need to be tracked down, prosecuted, and incarcirated. And not in some pansy ass easy-time federal prison, but high secureity pound you in the ass prison. Jerks!

Clearly this is a Republican Party  scam, since most young voters indicate they are supporting Obama.

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