Which red state will flip first?

Gregory on MSNBC is grilling David Axelrod, chief campaign strategist for Obama, on which red state he believe will flip first. So far the states that have been were called for the candidates that they were pretty much expected to go to.

Pennsylvania was a battle ground state, certainly, but Obama has been leading there for some time.

Some thought that McCain might be able to eek out a win in New Hampshire, because he’s been popular there in the past. But no dice this time. Sorry Johnny boy!

I’m going to go with Virginia as the first red state to flip to blue. Could be North Carolina. Could be neither since turn out was so high there. I heard a projection that Virginia had an 80% turnout. And NC could reach 75%. That is amazing! And encouraging. But such high turnout will mean it will take longer to tally votes, so…


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