It’s hard NOT to gloat

I’m not sure which moment last night gave me more perverse pleasure.

When Billy boy Bennett seemed to choke on the projections results that put Obama over the top, saying that this was a great country and that he hoped that Obama would be a great president, clearly the implication in his tone being that he doubts it and will enjoy any lack of success that Obama must endure. Seriously, I thought Bennett was going to cry but he manated to suck it up, like a good little (and by a little I mean fat putz) repressed Republican that he is.

Or when Sarah Palin was up on stage with McCain after he gave his concession speech, which was good, classy, although his supporters often were not, and the self-labeled hockey mom from Alaska looked as if she might cry. Man, what I wouldn’t have given to see her squirt a few.

Of course, this is all mean and petty and completely uncessary. But, you know, when I heard some of the reported respones from McCain supporters on the BBC show on NPR this morning, I pretty much let got of any guilt that I had. People still sqawking about Obama’s so-called “whacko preacher” and of course it was because of the “liberal media” and despite McCain’s urging to support the new president they just aren’t going to do that. They’ll respect that he is the president but that is about it. Nice.

Perhaps my favorite comment was the guy that said this: “The people have spoken but I think they have misspoke.”

How fucking patronizing is that? What a jerk!

But of course there are going to be some Repbulicans that will have this kind of attitude, they’ve been following a leader who hasn’t given a rat’s ass about the other side’s opinion for eight years now. They should count themselves lucky that Obama isn’t going to do the same. He’s going to listen to them. Of course, they’ll have to stop pouting first.

Let them pout if that’s what they want. They can pout or they can participate. It’s their choice, but no one’s going to beg them to join in. Fuck ’em if they don’t want to.


4 responses to “It’s hard NOT to gloat

  1. Obama? Listen? Please! He gave a pretty speech, but he’s not going to listen to anyone other than than the far-Left.

    Thankfully, America managed to keep enough seats in the Senate to filibuster any foolishness that might come up.

  2. Yeah. You’re confusing him with W. but there are significant differences. If I had time or the inclination and if I thought you’d actually listen to me instead of bellyaching as some many bitter Republicans seem likely to do now I’d explain, but nah. It’s not worth it. Some of us have work to do.

    You go bye bye now.

  3. Thanks, Mike. I can always count on your for a thoughtfull, well reason response. Or, in absence of that, a good bit of trash talk!

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