Obama’s to do list

Now that Obama has one what does he do next? I mean, after relaxing a little, and catching up on some much  needed sleep. Well, John Dickerson has a good article detailing some good suggestions. Of those, one of the most important ones, I think is:

Appoint Republicans. Obama and his top strategist, David Axelrod, have repeatedly talked about getting past the red-state/blue-state paradigm, and the senator has reflected more than once on Abraham Lincoln’s Cabinet, famously described as a “Team of Rivals.” He should turn his admiration into practice. There are several possible options. He could appoint Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana as secretary of state. He could appoint Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska ambassador to the United Nations. (Hagel, who wants out of the Senate, is a foreign-policy expert and wants to someday make money in the private sector.) Obama could also appoint Colin Powell to head his national service initiative or some other high-profile, nonmilitary project.

This was actually number two on Dickerson’s list, after suggesting that Obama “embrace” McCain, which I also agree with. But I think it is very important that Obama make good on his promise to reach across the isle in a real and significant way. Don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t mean appointing the likes of Tom Delay or Rick Santorum. God, no! But there could be little argument in finding a place for Chuck Hagel and Dick Lugar, as well as Colin Powell. Although, I get the feeling that Bill Richardson is in the running for the Sec of State job, and not just because he helped deliver New Mexico for Obama, flipping a red state to blue, but also because he has good foreign diplomacy credentials and is considered to be an exper negotiator. We’ll, see, though. Certainly Obama’s first priority will be Treasurey Sec.

The other suggestion that I really like, although I agree with them all for the most part, is:

Work without pay. Obama has talked about a new era of sacrifice and has also promised to go through the budget “line by line,” cutting out unnecessary programs. If he were to work without pay, he would show that he was doing his part. He can afford it: Obama’s books have made him a wealthy man. And his next books will make him even wealthier.

Obama is a wealthy many and this is a fine gesture to make, although it could piss of some in the congress as they perhaps feel the pressure to do something similiar if not exactly the same thing.


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