For me, here’s the difference between Obama and Clinton…Bill that is

After Clinton won, I pretty much stopped paying attention to politics. I vaguely recall watching some of the Inauguration and The Inaguarl Ball in 1993, but in 1997, after Bill’s re-election I tuned out. I’d tune back in occassionally, or when something really important happened. But for the most part I wasn’t all that interested.

I’d thought that would be my reaction this time as well, more or less anyway. But so far I can’t seem to stay away from the news. I find myself eager for information about Obama’s staff and cabinent appointments, any little rumor really. For the most part I couldn’t really tell you who was in Clinton’s cabinent, except for names that really stand out, like Albright and Reno and….well, that’s my point.

I wonder if I’m suffering some kind of election withdraw? I’ve read a few articles about this sort of thing. I was sick of the election up until early last week, but perhaps I was just getting a second wind. I don’t know.

Perhaps I will still lose interest, drift away, but it doesn’t really feel that way.


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