Michigan Jenny in The White House

Even though I’m a Michigander and I voted for Jennifer Granholm, twice, I’ve mixed feelings about her being part of President-elect Obama (I love writing that, and I love saying it) financial advisory committee or whatever it is. Of course, being the gov. of Michigan, the auto-making state, it seems almost obligatory for her to be there so that she can beg for assistance for the auto companies, but her performance as gov. has been wanting, in my opinion. i could never really escape the feeling that she was governing in a manner that would eventually get her a position in the Democratic White House Administration. And in the sense, she’s been successful. NPR reported on Friday that she is being consider for Energy Sec. I’m not saying she’s not qualified, and that she won’t do a good job. I just can’t help thinking that her ambition for other things made her a less than committed gov. She simply didn’t fight as hard as she could at times. Of course, I lay some blame at the feet of the Rep.-controlled state congress, but still.

5 responses to “Michigan Jenny in The White House

  1. Hi, Rico.

    First of all no one can see you so of course we don’t know that you’re Rico. We’ll just have to take your word on that.

    Second, all of the information above is false. Are you telling me that Jennifer Granholm is not now and never was the Governor of Michigan? Because I’m pretty sure was and is. Also, are you telling me that Granholm wasn’t in DC to try and help out the “Big Three” autmakers? If she wasn’t why was she there?

    As for much of the rest, it is of course opinion, which I state. Certainly you can disagree but if you’re going to you might want to stipulate why you disagree, offering an opinion of your own and not some weak sound byte.

    What a minute is this Rico Suave? Dude, I love that one hit you had way back whenever it was. Keep rockin’!

  2. Granholm can advise Obama on how to deplete the entire nation–she’s proven her financial expertise in the state of Michigan. Thanks for parking yourself next to Biden or behind Obama at every press conference, Jenny! Smile for all the pictures that are being taken of your mug as you push yourself into Washington! I remember when she posed with ex-Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick as they tried to promote Detroit as being “a cool city.” After getting so close, she RAN when Kilpatrick’s problems were exposed & sold him down the river. Hey when you’re finished posing for pictures & stabbing people in the back, why don’t you take a glance at the financial ruin that so many people face in Michigan, Jen Jen? Oh, I forgot. She could never be touched by anything like that, herself. It’s just a little too much and a little too devastating for her to consider…let alone for her to comprehend.

  3. Yeah,…thats what Washington needs,….one more butch, Lesbian. Cuz we all know how these “buzz-cuts” can, damn it,…get things done. They said on the radio that “…Granholm cut her trip to the Middle East short to join the Obama Advisory Committee in Washington…” WTF??? What in the Sam Hell was Jenny-from-the-Block doing in the Middle, freaking East? Michigans economy is in the toilet, the Big 3 are tanking, people in Michigan are losing their homes, unemployment is almost 10%,..so…um,…of course, the only solution is to ,….uh,… go to Bahrain. What,…were you swinging by the Castle to pick up the rest of Michael Jackson’s sh*t? You may want to glance at some of the Michigan economy paperwork thats cocooning you desk. There is actual sweat running down the wire basket “in-box” as it trembles to hold your 40lb “To-Do List”. So,…whenever you can break away from your duties as one of Obama’s Fly-Girls,….we’d appreciate it.

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