Robert Gibbs to be Press Sec.

New York Times is reporting it is likely. Although Gibbs is so far unwilling to discuss it, saying that he has not been offered the job. But I’m hoping he gets it. If for no other reason then they way busted Sean “the hack” Hannity’s balls. The dude’s tough, like Rham Emanuel, who the more I hear about the more I like. The best reason Rham’s favor yet is that he is reportedly the inspiration for the Josh Lyman character on West Wing. Shit, that would have sold me had I known nothing else.

Also, Gibbs, at 37, is a GenXer. Like his boss.

I love that Obama is picking tough Dems for his staff. I’m sick of concillatory Dems that take the fucking high road. And I really love the way it is making Repubs twist and squeal.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to see a partisian war right out of the gate, or at all for that matter. But I don’t see a reason why Dems have to live up Repubs’ expectations that they be marshmellows. Them days are over boys. There’s a new sheriff in town, and he don’t brook nonsense.

The staff seems to be shaping up pretty well so far. Looking disciplined and focuses, unlike Clinton’s transition. I heard reported that Obama and his staff have studied Reagan transition, which was went very well.

3 responses to “Robert Gibbs to be Press Sec.

  1. If it’s like all the rest, it will change at least three times during his presidency.

    what is obama going to do at 55 when his eight years are up and he’s still a fairly young guy?????

  2. That’s true, Jen. Obama will probably go through at least 3 Press Secs. That’s assuming he get a second term.

    I hadn’t heard about the play in Kena of Obama’s life. But I certainly am not surprised.

    I heard on NPR Friday night an interview with a man that had moved to US from Kenya. He and his family had been here for about 9 years. And this was this first time he’d ever voted. A business man he admitted that his politics leaned Republican but in the end he said his heart went for Obama. He further explained that his family was actually divided, that he, his wife, and his daughter supported Obama while his two sons supported McCain. So much for the notion that a black person would automatically vote for Obama, not to mention natives of Kenya.

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