The pointless persistence of lawn signs

I realize that the election isn’t even a week old but I’m curious as to why some people insist on keeping up their political lawn signs. I mean, absent the fact that you’re just too lazy to remove them, what’s the point?

I suppose for Obama supporters it is a way to celebrate their victory. But at what point does it just seem like gloating?

For McCain supporters it would seem to be a stubborn unwillingness to accept the inevitable, which is understandable, and ultimately kind of sad.

As for me, I took my Obama signs down the nigh to th election, once it started to get dark, even before the polls officially closed. I wanted to be able to hold onto them. I feared that should Obama win (remember, at the time, we still didn’t know yet) disgruntled McCain supporters might try to swipe them. They did it before, so…

I’ve stashed my Obama signs in my garage. Maybe they’ll be worth something some day. Who knows.


2 responses to “The pointless persistence of lawn signs

  1. Try living in Oklahoma where a writer for a political think tank gloated, “All Counties in Oklahoma are red. All went for McCain” or something obnoxious like that. Gloating is so uncool.

  2. No offense, Jen. But I think I’m going to go ahead and pass on that offer.

    I had heard that Oaklahoma was the one state remained solidly (completely?) red, which did not entirely surprise me, but then I don’t live there. Also, I’m not sure that Obama made many, if any, stops in that particular state. Of course, he had an all-50-states strategy, which sounds great, but at some point I suppose some places fall off the radar, despite the loads of money his campaign had (has).

    In any case, I agree. Gloating is very uncool. It is also strikes me is typically Boomer. Which isn’t to say that GenXers never gloat, just not as often, and certainly not like Boomers. I mean, heck, Hilary seemed to gloat even after she lost the primary.

    The thing is gloating doesn’t do you any good. It doesn’t get wanything done. If anything, it hinders progress by pissing off the opposition.

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