Where’s my New Yorker with the fist bump cover?

I’m bummed after discovering this weekend that my copy of of The New Yorker magazine with the satirical comic of Barack and Michille Obama doing a fist bump in the Oval Office is nowhere to be found. Not easily anyway. Could be that I stored it away somewhere and just can’t recall where but more likely I tossed it accidentally. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it.

I blogged about this issue of The New Yorker when I did not receive my copy in the mail. I was pissed because I thought that The New Yorker, because of the controversy that swelled up around the cover, had decided not to mail out these copies. It turned out that I’d jumped the gun because it showed up in my mailbox the very next day, which I blogged about as well, joking that I’d intimidated The New Yorker into sending me the issue with my scathing blog post read by almost a dozen people at most. Then, to my surprised, it turned out that The New Yorker really had read my blog and contacted Colleen to let them know they could send out a copy. That wasn’t necessary of course. But Colleen did get an extra copy from someone that she worked with. But I can’t find that one either.

I guess I was hoping to hold onto it, figuring it would be a interesting keepsake should Obama win, which of course he has, but alas that is not to be. Unless we find it later. We’ll see.

Well, I still have my Obama bracelet, which I am still wearing and plant to continue wearing. For how long? Who knows? Also, I have two Obama sign, the ones that replaced the first two that were stolen. And, I have a few stickers. Oh yeah, I also have a coffee mug.

Of course, these things won’t be worth in the near future. But some day…

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