Do people in other states forget how to drive in the snow?

Because here in Michigan it seems like every year when the first snow fall/cold snap hits people are unprepared to drive on ice-slick roads.

One man was killed in a wreck this morning as slick roads surprised commuters with icy spots on freeways across metro Detroit after the area’s first notable cold snap, causing dozens of crashes around the region.

Yikes! Read full article here.


3 responses to “Do people in other states forget how to drive in the snow?

  1. Believe it or not, we have the same problem each fall in Anchorage, Alaska. It takes our drivers about 2-3 weeks to settle in to the new season. Every freaking year. Everyone just plain forgets how to drive with ice and snow.

  2. Did you hear Rhonda Walker on Channel 4 this morning? She damn near took the heads off each of the road commissioners for Wayne and Oakland county. She called them “frightening and irresponsible” and kept grilling them about why they “didn’t see this coming”. I don’t know if her cat died this weekend or something, but she was OUTRAGED by the lack of salt on the road. One commissioner had the temerity to tell her that it was too early in the season and that our budget doesn’t allow for total coverage of every road every time the thermometer drops below 31. I thought she was going to explode. 🙂

  3. I can’t decided if that makes me feel better or worse, John.

    No, Jaime. I hadn’t seen that display this morning on Channel 4. But then I stopped watching local news years ago. And rarely ever return.

    Does sound like Walker was a perhaps a wee bit hysterical, though. I’m with the commissioners no this one. When it drops below 31 people should be bright enough and responsible enough to just take it easy. For crying out loud.

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