Looks like Alaska’s senate race could go blue after all

Last night Olberman reported the breaking news on his show Countdown that Democrat Mark Begich had taken a 3 vote lead over Republican Ted Steven as a result of absentee ballots being counted. The web site FiveThirtyEight.com confirms this development in the Alaska Senate Race and also reports that Begich’s lead has since grown to 814 votes. The post also states that:

As we’ve pointed out and has been pointed out elsewhere, the remaining votes come from Begich-friendly districts. Mark Begich is now an overwhelming favorite to win the Alaska Senate seat.

Add one more Democratic Senate seat.

Meanwhile my understandin is the Al Franken is now within something like 206 votes and there will be a recount. Plus Coleman’s campaign has got some legal issues related to their campaign, the details of which have suddenly escaped me. Anyone care to provide them, please do.

A filibuster-proof 60 seats is well within Democrat sights (sites?).


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