Hilary as Sec. State

(CNN) — President-elect Barack Obama met with his former rival Sen. Hillary Clinton to see if she would be interested in a role in his administration, two sources told CNN Friday.

Read full CNN article here.

I skip watching the news one night and this is the kind of thing I miss. Danm! I didn’t hear about until this afternoon because I had a morning meeting with my financial advisor (saying that makes me feel important, although it was fairly depressing, what with the economy sucking ass and all) when a guy I work with told me about it.

I have to say I like the idea of HIlary as Sec of State. Better to have her as an ally in the White House then as a potential opponent in the Senate. It certainly makes more sense than trying to put her on the Supreme Court. Did anyone seriously think that was going to happen. And anywaay, Hilary is a stronger candidate then John Kerry for sure. I’m divided on Bill Richardson, having heard mixed reviews of his past performace as Ambassador to the UN (right?). 

I still want to see Chuck Hagel in the administration, but perhaps not as Sec of State. I figure him for Sec of Defense, after Bob Gates leaves.

What do others think:


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