More evidence to boot Lieberman

I missed Rachel Maddow last night but apparently she really went after Lieberman, urging the Dems to dump his ass. Watch:

Pretty compelling, anyone would have to agree, even if not publicly.  Got me thinking, well, you know, maybe he should go. I mean, you jump to the other side you deal with the consequences. Why should Joe get special treatment? Just because he could be the 60th vote in the Senate. I don’t agree that’s a good enough reason.

On the other hand a partisian squabble right out of the gate would be bothersome, or worse.

Maybe Joe needs to be stripped of his chairmenships or whatever they’re called and have to prove himself. Of course, why would he want to do that? He could turn Republican. He could resign and let his seat got to a Republican.

In any case, it certainly is a pickle.


2 responses to “More evidence to boot Lieberman

  1. Can’t speak for other guys, but for me it is because she’s smart and funny and I find that incredibly sexy. Also, she’s got beautiful eyes and great smile, which is often smirking, which I really dig too.

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