Generation X enters White House

So reads the headline from and AFP article.

The lead:

NEW YORK (AFP) — Generation X used to stand on the sidelines. Now, with Barack Obama’s victory in the presidential election, they’re taking the White House.

Read full article here

For those knuckleheads so obsessed with attaching the Generation Jones labl to Obama, just keep reading:

Ironically, Generation X, or those born between 1961 and 1981, have long been identified by sociologists as reluctant to get involved, individualistic and cynical.

Which only backs up my point that there is no consensus on the exact date range for defining Generation X, or any other generation for that matter. Thus we must consider a broader definition, as Jeff Gordinier, author of X Saves the World does:

Gordinier says Obama not only fits the Generation X mold in age, style and biography, but came to power partly thanks to the enthusiasm of that same demographic group.

Gordinier isn’t the only one either:

Neil Howe, author of “Generations: the history of America’s future,” also sees Obama as the archetypal X-er, growing up in the 1960s and 70s and experiencing early on all the major social changes in family values and behavior.

“Obama was the product of an experimental inter-racial marriage: the father left, he travelled all over the world, a topsy-turvy, chaotic childhood, which is characteristic of Xers,” Howe said.

No doubt some will refuse to except this obvious and inevitable reality, but hey, this is America, where any idiot can be a parent but you need a license to drive car. (I don’t even know what that has to do with anything; it just sort of popped into my head. eh.)

The point is the Boomer’s are no longer in control, and that will mean a new kind of governing. GenX style. Cachow!

Obama’s “mission is to put an end to everything that is dysfunctional and bad about boomer politics,” Howe said.

“You are going to see a style of leadership which is much more pragmatic, less wed to ideology. A Generation X-er will love to crunch all the numbers, demand transparency, analyze the data and come to decisions,” he said.

Obama has already given indications of that more eclectic, non-ideological direction.

Pragamatic is the main thing. GenX is pragmatic. If we adhere to any kind of ideology (if you can even call it that, which I seriously doubt) it is pragmatism. We focus on getting things done, done well, and done right, regardless of politics.


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