The pragmatic (i.e. GenX) President

Word is Obama has been tapping “Republican Brent Scowcroft, who was national security adviser in the first Bush administration” for advise and input as he makes his transitions, as well as considering keeping Robert Gates on as Sec. of Defense, evidence that Oamba is being pragmatic in his approach:

During a recent appearance on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” Scowcroft said it would be a wise move for Obama to keep Gates in the Cabinet.

“I actually think it would send the kind of signal that I think the president-elect intends, or spoke about in his campaign, and that is that we need to work together. We need to work as Americans,” Scowcroft said. “And I think giving Bob Gates some more time to do the kinds of things he’s doing would be a very wise course of action.”

But a senior Obama aide told CNN not to see the conversations as a signal that Gates may keep his job. “Don’t read anything into this — he was an admirer [of Scowcroft] long before running or even needing to select” a secretary of defense, the Obama aide said.

The Obama aide said the president-elect “respects and admires Gen. Scowcroft’s bipartisan, pragmatic approach to foreign policy,” adding that Obama “looks forward to continuing the dialogue with Gen. Scowcroft — as well as other key Republicans, Democrats and independents — to get the very best advice.”

Read full article here.

Pragmatism is the defining characteristic of Generation X, even though many still believe it is being a slacker, which was always more slander and libel than truth.

Thus the evidence mounts in favor of Obama being Generation X and not Generation “WTF is that anyway” Jones.


2 responses to “The pragmatic (i.e. GenX) President

  1. I think the media and others are more obsessed with Obama being like Abe and Obama’s legacy then he is.

    It only makes sense to study how previoius presidents have done things in order to decide what to do and what not to do.

    Abe for what to do in many respects.

    Clinton for what not to do, especially in terms of transistion. I read an article that stated that Clinton’s transition was perhaps the worst in history. YIKES!

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