It’s not every day you can make your child’s dream come true

But I did just that yesterday. My daughter, Addy, said so.

Yesterday was Dad’s Eat and Run at my daughter’s school. Addy was so geeked about it that she up and out of bed first thing that morning. Normally, she whines about being tired or sick or having a headache or ucler or whatever comes to mind until we have to holler at her to get her little fanny ass perpendicular and get ready for school.

I hit Jimmy Johns, because that is Addy’s fav, and brought it to her. I was one of the early dad because I work only about ten minutes away, and I waited in the cafeteria for her, along with a couple of grandfathers who were substituting for the dads. Several of Addy’s school chums’ father couldn’t make it so I played stand-in dad for Zoey, Julie, Ellie and Xavier. We chatted and ate. Somehow we got on the subject of puking and told them the story of the guy in middle school that we got to drink of mixture of milk, ketchup, mustard, and mashed up PBJ, and he barfed all over the place. The thought that was pretty cool, and as the teller that made me cool, of course.

After we ate, we went outside to play on the playground. Because I work in a library I can wear jeans and sneakers to work, as I did that day. But some of the dad’s are professionals that wear suites and wingtips etc. They sort of hung about, chatting with the other office dads. Meanwhile, I was playing tag and getting pummeled with snowballs, and helping to fortify the burgeoning snow fort that the kids were constructing. That made me feel pretty cool too. I may not be able to talk “business” but I can play like a mudderfudder!

All it was pretty much a blast! But that wasn’t Addy’s dream come true, at least not by her words. Although I think she had a fairly rocking time.

Later, when I picked her up from school, we walked home. While I was opening the front garage door she ran around the back door of the garage and knocked on it. When I went into the garage to the back door to open it, she was gone, appearing moments later around the front of the garage. This was hilarious as far as Addy was concerned. In fact, by her own admission, it was her dream come true. It seemed a strange dream to have, but who am I to argue.


5 responses to “It’s not every day you can make your child’s dream come true

  1. Are kidding! No way! We have strict rules in those house. No tongue piercings until at least 13, and even then it has to be above the waistline. Below after 16. That is non-negotiable.

  2. DO NOT listent to people who warn you about the future in relation to your daughter. Predicting doom is so uncool. It cost my mother-in-law quite nicely. Seriously, not offense to Mr. Rodman, but this is such a huge pet peeve of mine. Addy will be wonderful at 12. Delightful. Even more perfectly evolved than she is now. Speak it into existence, right?

  3. Thanks, Jen. In Mr. Rodman’s defense, I would point out that he is an old college friend of mine and a notorious smart ass, much like myself. While the humor may not translate univerally, I get that he’s cracking-wise at my expense and in no way maligning my daughter. It’s what we do. But your comments are very much appreciated.

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