The other thing is…

… most of my energy was directed at blogging about the Presidential election. Firs the Dem. Primaries and then the General Election. But in politics in general. Anyhoo… once Obama got elected I kind of crashed. Felt a little used up. I’d make a lousy politico. I like the drama of the election but once it’s over, I’m pretty much done. It’s just relief to have W out and President Obama at the helm. Not sure if I’ll be doing much, if any, political blogging in the near future. We’ll see, I guess.

So now what?

Good question.

Yeah. I know it’s a good question. I’m the one who asked it.

Yikes! Someone’s touchy.

Fuckin’ A right!

Want to talk about it?


Okay…. So are we done here, then?

I’ll say when we’re done.






Okay. W’ere done. For now.


Oh, go piss up a rope!


2 responses to “The other thing is…

  1. Funny post….
    Speak for yourself..
    don’t be rude…
    get stuffed, I can speak my mind
    Well I thought it was funny…
    You think Friends is funny…
    So we’re good?
    I think so….
    THanks for the post

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