My trip from Las Vegas to Rapid City, Iowa

My cousin was moving from LA to Iowa for a new, better paying job — why else would one leave California for Iowa?

It was pretty cool, especially the desert in Nevada and Utah. BTW: Utah has got to be the whitest state in the union. Also, Colorado was very cool. Wouldn't mind living there some day. Mountains are startling beautiful, and much of the rocky cliffs are red. And I'm not talking kind of red, I'm talking red, real read, like red velvet cake red. Amazing!

Nebraska was pretty boring, but the people were nice.

One of my favorite parts, though, was that I was able to get Hostess Berry Fruit Pies, which are hard to come by in the midwest for some reason. I found them in the first place we stopped in Nevada, a little store/gas station. They were easily found on shelves through Nevada, Utah, and Colorado, but by time we hit Nebraska they'd disappeared, replaced by Peach pies, and then Lemon, and finally just the standard Apple and Cherry. I'm sorry I didn't stock up. Ah, well.


8 responses to “My trip from Las Vegas to Rapid City, Iowa

  1. I am not surprised.

    The other cool thing was being out in the desert in the winter. Not being from that part of the country, I only really think of the desert as being hot, but it was cold, cold, cold.

    Something mesmerizing about the desert for me too. I just wanted to walk into it and wander around. But I didn’t because we had a schedule to keep.

  2. Indeed, I am still alive. And I haven’t given up my blog. Just…recalibrating, by life as well as my blog. I’ll be back soon. Hope all is well, Jen.

  3. People think I’m joking that I want to become a park ranger in Utah…I’m not. Canyonlands is this stark, beautiful place where the harsh environment strips away all the bullshit of everyday life. And Red Mountain pass in Colorado is breathtaking…

    It is good to know all of that stuff is still out there.

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