I keep thinking but nothing happens

I intend to write posts for this blog. I want to. But then I just don’t. Often, I don’t know what to write about. Or just as often there is too much to write about. I don’t know where to begin. Plus, much of what is rattling around in my head and my heart are things I simply don’t want to air in a public forum. It just seems pathetic, not to meantion petty and juvenile.

And so here I am, feeling stuck.

I’m tired, and sad. Any joy or relief is temporary, very temoporary, which in some ways is worse, because as soon as I realize that I feel okay I clench up with fear, wondering when it will drain away again.

ugh — this sucks!


6 responses to “I keep thinking but nothing happens

  1. Y’know, I used to be very afraid to share so much of my inner world. But I realized two things. 1) The things I’m willing to share seem like a lot, but are actually only a small part of what I’m thinking or doing and 2) Writing out my posts helps me come to conclusions I wouldn’t have found otherwise. I don’t start out knowing how I’ll end my posts — only that I have to begin somewhere. Maybe you can find one small place to begin, and then see where that takes you. Nothing is forever, and you can always delete. I’ve learned so much from writing over the past year — letting go is the worst part. Landing is actually easy. Bless you and your journey.

  2. I often feel like you, I won’t post anything for ages as I can never get what I want to say right. Then all of a sudden I’ll just write whatever pops into my head without thinking about it too much – most of it is nonsense mind you!

    As Naomi says, writing stuff down does help. You could always write drafts if you didn’t want to share them with scary interweb people, then maybe post/delete them at at a later date. After all, you should write for yourself not others 🙂

  3. Another joy: To see Naomi Munn leaving you comments. She is a salt-of-the-earth type. I’m certain her steps have been ordered and have found you here.

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