Your feature match is….fate or just coincidence.

Okay. So one of the things C and I agreed upon as part of our separation was to “date other people,” something that, trust me, is much easier to deal with in theory then in reality. But I’m not going to get into that.

Anyhoo…in the internet age, the most effective way to meet people is of course via interent dating. You select a service, post a profile with some basic info and perhaps a photograph or two and wait for the offers to roll on in. Well, attractive women like C wait for them to roll on in. Guys have to do the rolling, I’ve discovered, and most rolls end up gutters, which is, oh, so much fun, and by fun I mean demoralizing.

Turned out that both C and I put up profiles on Yahoo Personals. And one day C calls me to share something…curioius, and perhaps a little amusing. She got an email, offering 15 matches. And guess who was the feature match? You got it — Me! Just to prove she wasn’t yanking my chain (something I always enjoy,  wink wink, nudge nudge) she showed me the email.

So here’s the thing. Does one take that as some kind of sign of fate? Or is it merely a quirky coincidence?

I suppose it depends on the person, right. In event, we’re still separated. I mean, really, who is going to trust their major life decisions to the algorithms of Yahoo?

But just for the heck of it, let’s take a little poll, shall we?


5 responses to “Your feature match is….fate or just coincidence.

    • Thanks for the food for thought, Jen. Maybe it is a bit on the preachy side, but it’s not as if you’d be the first.

      I for one will not be sending you any hate mail. Clearly you care. And for that I know that I am grateful.

  1. My wife and I found each other via Yahoo! Personals many years ago… BEFORE IT WAS COOL. I was actually just messing around on the computer, killing some time at a job that wasn’t absorbing all my attention. I stumbled across her ad and responded for kicks. And kicks I got. And punches.

  2. I remember that. Although I didn’t know it was via yahoo personals.

    I refute your assertion that Yahoo personals is COOL. It maybe popular, but that hardly makes it cool. If anything, that is an argument for it not being cool.

    You had an ass whipping coming for a long time, anyway. So it’s not like it wasn’t deserved.

  3. let me tell you. it only gets worse – the dating. nothing will drive you deeper into your marriage and make you realize what you have in each other than getting used, i mean dating. let’s just hope you each are as miserable as the other – and at the same time. dating is a temporary anesthesia. it will anesthesize the pain for a little while, but then you’ll wake up and find that you are in sheer agony – not only over the loss of a marriage – but more broken relationships on top of brokenness.

    I really hate to preach. I don’t mean to preach. I am saying this from experience. I have been through this. You are still married. You have a marital bond; a marital covenenant. Even if there was cheating in the past, you can heal from that. BUt, You can NOT make this marriage work if you are dating other people. Don’t do it Junkdrawer67. This is where you show Colleen how much you love her. Don’t date anyone. Stay at the line of reconciliation. Even if you have to wait there for 10 years. Because, “as sure as the maple leaf turns red in the fall” everyone cyles back. I promise.

    You can send me hate mail to jenx67[at]cox[dot]net or publish my email for spammers. I don’t care. I am seizing the day, and I hope for God’s best for you both. A miracle awaits you.

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