The shape of (one of) our weekends

I was going to title this post “A Typical Weekend” but we haven’t seemed to settle into anything that seems typical.  So just to give you an idea of how we’re shaping our weekends, I thought I detail this weekend.

So technically this weekend is C’s weekend, because it’s Mother’s Day weekend, and it made sense that our daughter, A, be with her Mom. But Friday night A spent the night at Nana and Papa’s, because she hadn’t done so in some time. And Mom and Dad had plans. That’s right Mom and Dad, who are currently separated and living in separate dwellings had plans. Together.

What were the plans?

I’m glad you asked. We went out to the bar with C’s mother and two of C’s friends. Of course, those plans were thrown together at pretty much the last minute. Originally, C and I’d planned to hang out and watch a movie, The Curious Case of  Benjamin Buttons, which I’d already seen but I was cool with seeing it again. It makes for kind of an odd dynamic when one guy is out with four women, especially when the guy is a) the husband of one of the women and they are separated b) the son-in-law of one of the other women and c) is not gay. I’m not saying it wasn’t fun, it was. It was just kind of weird in a way. Or so it seemed.

That’s what C said to me, anyway, as we walked from where we’d parked the car to the bar: “Is this weird?”

“Yeah. Maybe a little,” I said. “But it’s cool.”

C agreed. Neither of cared if it was weird. Neither of us are very inclined to do things in a typical manner.

So then this morning, I got up and did some laundery and mowed the grass before it rained while C went for a run. Later, I drove over to Nana and Papa’s to pick up The Girl, who had a soccer game at 1pm. On the way I dropped off and picked up drycleaning, which came to a whopping total of $118 and some change, which set me into a mini panic attack, but it was wasted anxiety, for C transferred that very amount from her account to mine. She is as generous as she is beautiful! And anyway, most of the dry cleaning was her’s. (Not exactly; I had quite a few pieces as well but she had more and I thought the line was clever) Come time for the soccer game it was pouring rain, and the league really only cancels for lightening, of which there was none. But we decided, fuck it (C and I, because A is not allowed to decide in such a potty-mouthed fashion, although I’ve no doubt she will soon enough — bad parent, bad! teaching your child such filth) and went to grab some lunch and then go shopping at Target, where I purchased three pairs of shorts because having lost almost 20 lbs since December from both stress and my new medication I went down  three waist sizes. After gassing up we headed back home, i.e. to the house not the apartment, for A had a play date coming over at 3pm.

And that is where we are now. A and her friend are playing Wii. C is napping. And I am mucking about on the computer. Later, we’ll probably do some dinner (although precisely how one does dinner is a mystery to me). Then I’ll head back to the apt to do some writing before going out to the bar, sans my lovely wife from whom I am most regrettably separated, to see a high school friend’s brother’s band play. Tomorrow morning I’ll come over to the house so that A and I can make breakfast in bed for C for Mom’s Day. Then we might spread some mulch, which we did not get to do today because of the rain. Then A and I will  head back to Nana and Papa’s to celebrate Mother’s Day. We’ll leave there  no later than 5pm to get back to the house for Mother’s Day at C’s mom’s house, to which I was invited but not yet sure if I’m going to go. It is nothing personal. It’s just that I worry that it might serve to put me in a funk and I don’t want to bring people down. We’ll see.

Sunday evening, after A goes to bed, I may or may not head back to the apt. I may or may not hang out with C. I may or may not ride a dragon off into the sunset.


5 responses to “The shape of (one of) our weekends

  1. You summed it up fairly well. I like that I am now referred to as an initial… kinda cool. We are certainly anything but traditional, but A seems to be thriving on our new arrangement so who cares…

  2. Y’know, I’m not an expert here, but it really sounds like you two are getting along rather well, considering the situation. That’s good — it bodes well, no matter which way you decide to go in life. It sounds like a nice weekend so far. I wish you peace and contentment — we only get them in small doses, take them where you can!

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