via JenX67’s blog i was hipped to this site for a documentary on generation x in works and wanted to quickly  hightlight it here. i also got it linked under generationX, a new catagory for blogs here. check it.


2 responses to “genxdocumentary

    • I’d love to. Just not sure if I can come up with anything. I’ll try but don’t want you to count on me. Sorry to be so indecisive.

      Although lately I have been thinking a lot about the summer of 89, which, in contrast the to Boomer Hippie Summer of 69 aka The Summer of Love, I tend to think of as the summer of Pretty Hate Machine, since NIN released their album of that name that year. (I know Nirvana gets tagged with being The GenX band, and I was as blown away as anyone by Smells Like Teen Spirit the first time I heard it, but for me NIN was and is the band, and PHM was the soundtrack to my life that summer, appropriately so too) It was watershed year in my life. I was done with community college and leave for a university in the Fall. I’d broken up with my long term girlfriend (2 years). And all I did was work my ass of mowing lawns to earn money for school and party with my buddies, ie drinking, drugging, bar-hopping and clubbing, not to mention having a fairly dark lust/hate relationship with this chick that I couldn’t stand and could not stay away from.

      Anyway….I’ll try. Hope that will suffice.

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