sure, there’s reason to leave Michigan…but for what?

Actually, this Metro Times column by Jack Lessenberry provides more than just one reason to at least consider leaving Michigan. Or perhaps it is just one reason, a complex multi-layered reason.

In any case, the impending budget problems in the mitten state, which no one in the state capital seems to want to do anything meaningful about, grows ever dire. Everyone wants the problem fixed but no one wants to sacrifice. Of course, this attitude it not unique to Michigan. And California’s got budget problems as well, although supposedly they’ve come to some sort of agreement there. I don’t know. I haven’t really been following, although if my family and I are going to move there perhaps I should at least consider educating myself on the matter. But then I’d have to cut back on my TV time and there’s not way that’s  happening.

With the droughts in Texas, Austin isn’t looking as appealing as it had been a few months back. But the economy is good there, as it supposedly is throughout Texas. Might just have to learn to live with the heat. Imagine — moving from Michigan where you can’t bare the cold winters anymore to Texas where you may not be able to stand the heat. The irony would be delicious. Mmmmmmmm irony.

So N. Carolina is looking better… right now anyway.

Of course, if we can’t sell our house, a move becomes even more difficult to accomplish, and with Michigan’s realestate market the way it is well….

And you know, with the kind of weather we’ve been having this past week — warm but not swelterying, blue skies, clouds, nice breezes — one can get lulled into a false sense of security about Michigan.

Maybe it’s not so bad afterall, you know.

Yeah, maybe. But check back with me come December.

Good point.

Damn straight it is.

2 responses to “sure, there’s reason to leave Michigan…but for what?

  1. I’m curious is you’ve ever lived outside of Michigan (I’m sure it’s somewhere in the blog, but I’m really lazy).

    I have lived in Michigan my whole life except for two years. Two years of my life I’ll never get back. I lived in Waterloo, IA.

    Here’s the thing – it’s not that Iowa is so bad, it was just that it wasn’t Michigan. We have a way about us. And I really missed that. I’m now in Bay City and I like it because I really fit in.

    Keep in mind that “fit in” factor when you’re making your moving decisions. It makes a huge difference.

    • That is a good point, GenXpert, and of course a factor, perhaps more for me than my wife and daughter, who seem very adaptable and able to fit in most anywhere. I seem to be more…particular.

      To answer you question: no. I have never lived outside of Michigan, which is part of the reason that I would like to live somewhere else. Granted, it may not suite me/us but we won’t know that until we do it, will we.

      I can adapt to different places. I have done so within Michigan, which might not seem like that big of a deal but I grew up in bluecollar sub of Warren on the border of Detroit. Did my undergrad in Ypsilanti and spent a lot of time in Ann Arbor, which is about different from Warren as you can get. Did grad school at Western Michigan and lived in Kalamazoo for 6 years or so. The west side of Mich is significantly different from the east side. In fact, the west side makes a point of distinguishing itself from the rest of the state. Things are West Michigan this and West Michigan that. In fact, I think there are some of there that would, if the could, like to break away and be there own state, like you sometimes hear about the UP, although I think the UP seems to think it should be part of Wisconsin because the cultures are more similar. West-siders are often big Chicago fans, which was tough for a Pistons and Wing fan. Year the wings won their first cup, I and a few buddies were pretty outnumbered by Blackhawk fans.

      I’ve been to Iowa. I wanted to attend grad school at Univ. of Iowa’s MFA writing program but of course did not get in. Now, my cousin lives there, in Cedar Rapids. I like it. Especially the stretches of roads that must be excellent for bicycling.

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