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Perhaps you’ve noticed that I’ve done a bit of house cleaning on my blog roll. It was just too cluttered with blogs and sites that I’d visted once or few times and then quickly grew bored of, so I figured why keep them. My main orginazational mode is to toss shit out, and so it went. I don’t really like to hoard stuff, I think because my parents, who are from the silent generation, had a tendancy to be pack rats. But hey, they were both raise in West Virginia coalmine towns during The Depression (you’d think I wouldn’t have to link to this major historical era but I’ve run across a millennial or two who aren’t fully aware of it, despite the comparison of our current economic status to it) so their habits are understandable, if frustrating. My mom still saves used teabags and collects plastic butter tubs, which, when she does get rid of them, she tosses in the trash instead of recycling, much to my teeth-clenching chagrin. I try not to give her too hard of time, since she did give birth to me and raised me and all that jazz.

Anyway….where was I? Oh, yeah. My blogroll. I’m trying to keep it to just those blogs that I really like. Plus, I’ve added a Featured Blog blogroll. This is so when I do find a blog or web site that suddenly grabs my interest I can put up there. If it turns out to be one that I really like it will then graduate to my blogroll. If not, addios machachios (is that even a word?). Also, I may want to draw attention to a particular blog/site for a given reason. For example, the featured blog right now belongs to Megan Abbott, a woman I know who writes excellent noir fiction novels. And she has a new one out — Bury Me Deep. I recommend it highly.



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