Where are Boomers on Health Care?

They must be at Woodstocks 40th anniversary.  Because, according to this column from the Huff Post, they aint much involved in reforming the Health Insurance industry in this country.

7 responses to “Where are Boomers on Health Care?

  1. Wow. Aren’t you the clever one. I’ve never heard that cut and paste argument before.

    People like you are so married to this notion you’ve probably never ever considered that it might not be the best way to conduct business.

    Health Care is different. We’re talking about people’s lives, not widgets.

    So why don’t you try a novel idea and bite me, if that’s the best you can come up with.

  2. Well, well. It comes clear, after clicking the link your inserted, which is not supporting information but your own article bobbygee. Don’t use my blog to market your slop.

  3. Oh yeah?

    Well, surely the lack of attacks is due to your reasonable attitude. I tend to be more of a ranter and complainer. My belligerence is pretty apparent and thus encourage ire. But I’m okay with that.

  4. Oh yeah, and one more thing bobbygee. It’s become apparent that the free market economic model was concocted by economists who assumed that everyone thinks as they do, is as smart as they do, and ultimately the human being are rational creatures, which any thinking person understands is not true. But of course you and your ilk seem unwilling to consider the complexity of human nature because that would muck up the clean results of your “theories.”

    So how about this as a novel idea — let’s deal with reality instead your economic fantasy island.

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