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As loyal readers (all half dozen..okay, 4 of you) well know, I’ve recently instituted a featured blog, um, feature. This allows me to highlight any new and/or existing blog(s) that I, in my finite wisdom, deem noteworthy — bow down and kiss my butt.  My intention is to highlight blogs that catch my attention  and then decide if I want to include said blog(s) as a permanent resident on my blog roll.  I decided to do this when I realized that my blog roll was getting fairly lengthy, which was bugging me because I tend toward a minimalist/spartan sensibility whenever possible. Clutter icky!

I had meant to change the featured blog regularly but GenX slacker that I am that has not been the case thus far. But what are you gonna do, eh? Besides the previous featured blog was Gen X in Iraq and it seemed to deserve extra time in the spotlight, at least far as I was concerned — stay strong and safe, dude. But I felt it was time to highlight a very cool GenX blog called The Gen X Files. This has some very cool and thoughtful bits and pieces, much more so than mine, which tend to be of the rambling ranting variety. For example, check out the piece on Generation Jones, which focuses on whether it actually exists or not. A thoughtful commentary with many thoughtful comments. Of course, I don’t accept the Generation Jones designation. As one comment noted it’s a cute label but not really significant in the large view of generational studies.

Anyhoo… check out The Gen X Files and stop by Gen X in Iraq, which I’ve added to my permanent blog roll.

Of course,  it should be noted that as with most of my Generation X “discoveries” these both came via JenX67, an Okie blogger who is quickly and very rightly gaining attention and popularity. Way to go Jen!

BTW: if anyone has a blog they feel should be hightlight on this, oh, so highly trafficed blog, let me know. I’ll give due consideration to any and all suggestions.


One response to “New Featured Blog

  1. Thank you!! I recommend checking out the Shape of X. I really relate to this female Gen Xer more than any other one I’ve come across – in terms of the Gen X meme. If you read her current post, you’ll understand why. She’s something special. I’m going to share my patron saint of Gen X status with her one day. =)

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