millennials in the classroom…

…as teachers, not as students.

Just returned from curriculum night for my daughter’s third grade class and her teacher is 25, 26 tops. I wasn’t entirely surprised, because I’d heard she was young, but still… Made me feel more than a little old, which I guess I sort of am.

What really stunned me is the amount of technology that my daughter will be utilizing this year. We’re talking a class Wiki, PowerPoint, flashdrives, email, blogging, something called Moodle that allows students to work online, flip vid cams and digital cams, etc. Blew my mind. By the time my daughter’s done with third grade she’ll be more tech savvy then I am, which isn’t saying much, but still…for her age. At one point I commented on how, when i was in school, I thought it was a big deal that we had Texas Instrument red LED calculators.


Talk about hi-tech, eh.

Of course, it’s necessary. Kids have to be able to do all this stuff and be able to adapt to new technology as it comes up. And a Millennial generation teacher is perfect to teach that stuff. Just to reinforce how much of a Millennial this teacher is — she said to contact her email, because she never checks her voicemail, hasn’t in years. Voicemail is so Boomer, because they’re so chat chat chatty.

Addy will need to improve her typing skills, though. At some point that hunt peck mode ain’t gonna cut it.

Very pleased, with the teacher and the curriculum. Gonna be a great year, I think.


2 responses to “millennials in the classroom…

  1. my daughter informed me today that 40 is old. i try to stay up on technology, but honestly i don’t buy many new gadgets. i’ve not heard of moodle. i need to check that out. i do try to stay up on social media b/c that’s part of my freelance biz. man, 25 year old teacher. i’m starting to know how the boomers felt about me. hahahaha!

  2. well, i’d like to think my GenX attitude toward Addy’s teach isn’t, well, Boomer-like. i was a little taken aback that she was young but then i thought considering all the technology a Millennial is exactly who you want teaching your kid.

    it was funny how some of the parents were concerned about their kids struggling with the technology, which i had to chuckle at, because it seemed to me they were fretting about their own inabilities, as was i. kids, I think, will pick this sort of thing up fast, fast. and it is important for them to learn how to do that and to continue to do it b/c they’ll be exposed to so much new tech in their lifetimes it makes one’s head hurt just to think about it.

    i can remember when I was a kid thinking 25 was old. 40 was ancient.

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