new volumes for my GenX library

I’m always on the lookout for books about GenX and by GenXers. Thank  to JenX67 I’ve got two more to read, review and add my collection.

The first is a novel entitled “It Feels So Good When I Stop,” by Joe Pernice, who is also a musician, and apparently a big deal indie rocker song writer. Perhaps it is a GenX sin of sorts to not be up on my Indie rock, but I admit that I am not and never have been. In any case, based on this review in the LA Times I’m looking forward to reading this novel, and hopefully will find the time in my “busy” slackery schedule (that ass groove aint gonna make it self) to perhaps tap out a few mindless ramblings on it here because I know there are hordes of you out there that absolutely can’t proceed with your existence until you know what I think about whatever it is I happen to be blathering about at any given moment. We’ll see (the phrase I most utter to my daughter these days,  and to which she hs begun to roll her eyes — sarcasm at  almost 9, ugh!)

The second is a collection of poetry entitled, “Acutal Air,” by David Berman, another musician (Silver Jews; again I plead ignorance). Berman and his collection were referenced in the above mentioned/linked review of Pernice’s novel. Apparently the two got their MFA’s together. Anyway, I was pretty geeked to learn of this collection since I’m not really that hip to GenX poetry. I”ve got my own collection of poetry but not specifically GenX. Not saying it doesn’t exist. It no doubt does, in abundance for all I know. I’m just not that adept at sniffing it out.

PPF (Pointless Point of Fact): Both of these guys are 42, precisely my age, which is distressing in a way since my novel is still in progress and I fear will languish their until the end of days.


2 responses to “new volumes for my GenX library

  1. More than a year ago, I read some serious academic papers about how Gen X has no literature. It was a very depressing read. I’ve come across Actual Air once before. I ordered a copy from Amazon. What I have found of Berman’s work on the Web is really great. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Wow. Really? Do you remember where you read this article, because that is just rubbish.

    Was there no mention of Douglas Coupland, Brett Easton Ellis, both of home are huge. Also David Foster Wallace and William T. Vollman. This authors are big time, internationally known. And that is just off the top of my head. GenX has plenty of Lit to offer the world and I suspect will continue to do so. Serious stuff too, not that James Patterson hackery, which is cool if like that sort of shlock.

    Not be cynical and pissy-mistic but I’d bet dollars to donuts (what does that mean anyway?) that it was written by a Boomer, a Boomer hack. Which makes me want to ask where are the great Boomer authors?

    I’m not talking about the books they grew up on, like On the Road and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, because those aren’t Boomer authors, just Boomer influencing authors.

    Where is the great novel about Woodstock or the The Summer of Love. blah blah blah.

    Thus endith the mini-rant.

    Thanks for the comment.

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