Reason 13z-.kl7…

… to leave Michigan: K-12 budget that is set to pass cuts per pupil spending by $165.oo. That’s $53 less what was previoulsy proposed. Big wow! Especially when you consider that the budget has already been cut by approximately $10 million in the last few years. And no doubt my rep Chuckie Moss(back) will say that it is still no enough, but then a jack ass like him who responds to constiuent emails with cut and paste responses was already a reason to move.

I’m hearing that song louder and louder every day  — California here I come…. And I know, the state finances aren’t very good out there either, but there not as bad here. Besides, there’s a chance the wife’s corporate overlord could give her position out there with a substantial bump in salary (we could make the move otherwise) it’ll be totally doable. Of course, I might have to take a job delivering pizzas or something like that but it’ll be totally worth it. Why? BECAUSE IT’S CALIFORNIA! You know, Pacific Ocean, beaches, desert(which I happen to dig), wine country, plus cool cities like LA, San Fran, San Diego, El Segundo . And a whole country between us and less than desirable family.


2 responses to “Reason 13z-.kl7…

  1. Good luck on the move to California!

    Things are a mess here in California….class sizes are increasing rapidly and many teachers, counselors, and support staff have been laid off. It won’t last forever….if you can get a job, go for it!

    Like you say, lots of great wineries, weather, beaches, and things to do.

  2. Thanks. We’re hoping it will come to pass. And soon!

    Sadly, we’ve heard about the problems with the schools in California, in addition to everything else. But as you say, it can’t last forever, hopefully anyway. In any case, we are not discouraged.

    I suppose it is arguable which state’s economic situation is worse. No doubt it is a case of the grass is always more poop-ridden on your side of the fence.

    In any event, the good job and salary will have to come first.

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