GenX politicians…..

…are stepping up and taking the reigns, even if we have to shove a few gray-hairs (McCain) and Boomers (Billary) aside to get there. Hey, that’s politics! Better luck next…oops, that’s right,  there won’t be one. Sorry. <shrug>

It’s happening elsewhere too, like Nevada. Check this column about the governor’s race there. Which I was hipped to by JenX67.

And locally here where I live, though on a much smaller scale. There is a Library Board election and one of the candidates, whom I met, I’d put at about my age, which pleased me because there seem to be far too many of the old guard still in place. Some of whom just won’t go, even though they probably should.

Mine and other GenXer’s hope is that our generation of politicians will be more pragmatic. Will disagree but work together. Will dispense with the parroting of one-note campaigns. Will simply do the work that needs to be done in a fashion that is respectable.

Of course, as a typical GenXer, I am wary. But I am more hopeful than I have been in some time.


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