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In addition to the blog The 40-year-0ld Freshman you will note the link John Smolens. John is a friend and former creative writing teacher and he has a new book out, The Anarchist, which was released earlier this week. I just picked up my copy yesterday evening after work (I dragged my daughter straight to the bookstore after picking her up from school, which she doesn’t mind because she digs hanging in the book store – Yes! Parent success for the win, as my wife might say) and I was only able to put it down last night because I was simply to tired to keep reading. Could not keep my eyes open.

The Anarchist is a historical thriller about Leon Czolgosz, the anarchist who assassinated President William McKinley, September 1901. Now, I’m not normally a historical fiction reader but I’m always anxious to read John’s work, and as anticipate I was not only  not disappointed in this latest effort of his I’m absolutely digging it.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m just shilling for a friend? Well, yeah, I am shilling for a friend but I shill whole-heartedly because I know this is a good work. John does his research, incorporates informaton very well, and above all grabs your attention and engages you in the story. See for your self — there is a sample chapter on his web site.


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