First class: postmortem

Any nervousness that I had about returning to school quickly disipated when the instructor, while taking attendance, pulled the Beuller gag from Ferris Beuller’s Day Off when he came to a name that no one answered to. (awkward sentence, eh):

Beuller…?  Beuller…? Bueller ?

I nodded, snickering. And I wasn’t the only one either. There were a few others, seriously. I mean, they still regularly show that movie in reruns, right.

In any case, the class seems like it will be interesting, because the instructor is interesting, and interested in teaching. That makes a big difference.

It was hard to sit still, although considering I sit all day at my job you’d think I’d be used to it.

On my way to class, I couldn’t help wondering if I’m doing this for a confidence/ego boost. It’s like when I took that communications class down at Wayne State and actually got more than 100% on a test because I also answered the bonus question correctly. And my review of the book we had to read was probably much better than most — it was a freshman course. I pulled an easy A. Of course, this is a science class, which is not something I studied very little after high school, only the minimum requirement.


After class, walking across campus in the dark I was reminded of my days in undergrad, not at MCC but at Eastern Michigan, when I’d wander campus late at night or when I’d be coming back from a late night class. I loved that feeling, when the campus was quiet and dark and the air was cold and crisp. I guess I miss it. I was good at school. Not so much in the real world.

It was driving home that I was reminded of my MCC days some 20 years ago. On a Thursday night, I’d be leaving campus at 10pm, when the library closed, and I’d head for my buddy Mick’s place for pre-bar beers before going out. We’d be out late, sometimes untile 3 or 4  in the morning, even later. Often Thursdays would run into Fridays would run into Saturdays would run into… Suddenly it was Monday morning and time for school again. I could do that then. Not anymore.


2 responses to “First class: postmortem

  1. Thanks, Jen.

    I’m hoping to keep up with blogs about being back in school.

    FYI: So far, it’s nothing like that show Community. But then we haven’t formed study groups yet. And our instructor isn’t a crazy Chinese guy that speaks Spanish. So, you know….

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