First Class

Am I going on a trip?

Unfortunately not. Because Costa Rica sounds so good right now. Or Mexico. Or The Bahamas. Anywhere with some sunshine and beaches and fruity drinks in funny glasses would do. Sigh…………

But that ain’t going to happen right now, and even if it were I wouldn’t be flying first class.

Anyhoo… as per usual I digress.

I’m talking about my first class tonight, at the community college, from 8-10pm.

Am I nervous? Perhaps a tinge. But it’s a familiar nervousness, one that harkens back to my college days, a simpler time, or so it seems to me now. But I’ve probably blocked out the BS and anguish, like that one psycho girlfriend <shutter>.

If anything I’m more concerned about being able to stay awake. And I’m not looking forward to trekking across campus form the parking lot in the cold and the dark, and then back again after class.

I’m not worried about being able to handle the class, but it may cut into my writing time, especially when I’ve got myself on a deadline to submit a story to a contest at the end of March.

Not to self: bring lots of change for vending machines — junk food and coffee/pop will be essential.

I am curious as to how it is going to feel to perhaps be one of the older students in class, although with it being at night the age gap likely won’t be as great. Also, I don’t look my age — 42, which BTW does NOT feel twice as cool as turning 21, despite what you may be thinking.  It’s not all like — woo hoo, I get have regular digital-rectal exams!

The other thing is that I’ll be going to class after a full day of work, and picking up my daughter from school and helping her with her homework plus getting her dinner. And tonight we have to go grocery shopping and pick up a prescription from the Rite Aid. Whew.

When I was young 20-something, all I had to do was drag my ass to class one time, sometime after a long night of partying, sometimes still slightly inebriated.

In any case, I’ve got the first chapter of the text book read, so I got that going for me…


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