The undead invade featured blog spot

I’m big zombie fan, as if you didn’t know. And why? Duh.  Because….

Zombies rule, vampires drool!

Frankly, I don’t get this resurgence in the popularity of vampires. Except for Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain  — it kicks ass on all all that Twilight sop. But then I was never a big vampire fan. Never got into Ann Rice and the whole vamp movement in the 80s. Blah!

Anyhoo… that’s all in the past, where it should stay — hear me vampires. Heed me — I’ve got garlic.

Zombie are the future, which is why my new featured blog pertains to zombies.


2 responses to “The undead invade featured blog spot

    • and why should we, eh….

      can’t imagine my life without juvenile humor. i’d venture to guess that very few pe0ple who know me could imagine it either. ha!

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