GenX in midlife crisis mode

Ever wonder if you’re going through a mid-life crisis?

Think about it. GenXers are reaching that age.

Anyway, I do. And other times I just think that I’m not getting enough fiber in my diet.

I just turned 42 (which btw is NOT twice as cool as turning 21) and that definitely put me in that mid-life freak out range. Still, I have to say that I’ve no desire to buy a sports car. I like my Civic — it’s plucky. Maybe because I’m not really losing my hair I’m not as prone to a mid-life crisis. Still.

I’ve developed a nostalgic fixation on things from my childhood and adolescence. Most recently it’s been BMX. I got super geeked when the library where I worked decided to start carrying BMX Plus, one of my favorite magazine when I was kid. I’d read each issue until literally fell apart. Also, this past summer I rescued the BMX bike that I gave to my nephew years ago. He’s 17 now, a senior, and predictably more interested in cars than bikes. The bike is an SE Quadangle and it needs some work to say that least — new wheels, brake cable, refurbishing of crank barrings and chain etc. But that’s going to be a project this summer.

But from what I’ve read this is a healthy way to channel mid-life crisis energy. At least, according to this WSJ article it is. And the WSJ wouldn’t lie. They’re a newspaper after all. And GenXer’s are more likely to take a healthy approach to mid-life than, oh, say Boomers — the kings of freak out!

Leave it to GenXers to take it in the opposite direction of  Baby Bo0mers. And it isn’t just oh so ironic that that direction would be a positive one. Because, you know, Generation X is cynical and pessimistic and being positive just isn’t cool, right.


9 responses to “GenX in midlife crisis mode

  1. I will be 42 myself this year.I admit sometimes I wonder if I’m getting old or maybe I just feel a little ignored by how much of the mass media is formated to every age bracket except Xer’s.Any news article usually gones on endlessly about how screwed we are.Honestly my greatest pleasure sometimes is watching DX on WWE.Maybe its because I myself have long hair and hate being told what to do.Or maybe its because I have Adult A.D.H.D.
    I love your blog

    • Know what you mean, James.

      My hair hasn’t been long since 1989, but I still hate being told what to do. Never been diagnosed with ADHD but sometimes I wonder.

      Thanks for checking out my blog. Hope you come back often. Well, as often as I get my slacker ass to write something.

  2. I give you big props for taking on that project. I’d be too worried about breaking a hip or something!
    I wonder the same thing about the mid-life crisis thing. I often think about all the things I thought I would have done by now. And if I try to do them now, does that qualify as a mid-life crisis reaction? Is it sad that I could be that guy driving around in his hot rod with his remaining wisps of hair blowing in the wind???

    btw: Happy Birthday!

    • I might be tooling around in a convertible sports car… if I could afford one. As it is I can barely ford my Honda Civic.

      It may qualify as mid-life to try to do thing you meant to do in your 20s and 30s, but so the fuck what? I say as a generation, we Xers should, like we do with most other things, not give a flying fuck how it looks and just fucking do it.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes too.

  3. Ahh the 80s, they look so good looking back? I had a 83 Gt, 85 Redline RL20, etc. what got me out of bmx in 1987? a 1970 super bee with a 440 magnum, all that for a measley 1700 bucks. Back to the future, 2004 i started riding again with a chrome free agent air strike at 34 yrs old & fell in love all over again. i really dont care what people think. little bmx, guy on bike is 6,4 215lbs. some kids think we do it to look cool Wrong! its how you feel, ride you favorite bmx, put some 80’s tunes on the Pod & go. i bought a 86 Redline RL20 for my 40th birthday in march 2010. Midlife? yes, & so What!Looking for that bmx from your youth? see us at bmxmuseum dot com.

  4. Reading this reminds me of my late room mate. That guy was one of the smartest characters I know, but he was a little beatnik for my tastes though. Anyways I delighted in reading this, thanks. Will give me something to talk about when I see him.

  5. I am 43 and still working on finding that elusive place in life. I have children that are now 19 and 18, I wax nostalgic for the innocent days of the 1970’s when life seemed simpler, when KISS was all that mattered and my Dad, Grandpa, and Grandma were still around. I went to the movies and saw “Where the Wild Things Are,” and really felt a desire to just be that little boy again playing with my Hot Wheels and building forts. I’m still questioning everything, but feel less idealistic about it all now.

    I have an old 79′ Trans Am that I will someday restore, but have no desire to parade it around like I’m still a kid. Maybe a road trip….

    I’d rather be my age and know what I know now than be younger and dumber anyday, though I have found I still do not know as much as I thought I did.

    Keep pushin’ on…

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