The new GenX books are here! The new GenX books are here!

Anyone who bothers to read this humble blog knows that I read… a lot. And from time to time I like to fancy myself a bit of literary opine-er, pontificating on and about the book or books that I happen to be reading at the given moment. In the past, I’ve always chosen the book. But that has recently changed.

Twice in about two weeks two different authors contacted me, asking if I would review their books. I was both surprised and delighted, and of course flattered. Often I figure the only people reading my blog are the few family and friends that no my fragile ego needs constant bucking up.

I’m also a little angsty over the prospect. First, it would be just my luck that such opportunities would come up just as I am starting my class at the community college  — reading and studying to do. And I’m on a  deadline to finish a short story to enter in a contest. Things always seems to come on like that, all at once. Make me nervous, and honestly want to downshift into comfy slack mode. But I’m determined to not do that this time.

Anyhoo… here are the two books that I’ve been asked to review.

First, a novel entitled Gen X by Tisha Kulak-Tolar, which I’m about two thirds of the way through already and should finish soon, and which is available at

And second, a nonfiction book about generation x in the workplace entitled What’s Next Gen X?: keeping up, moving ahead, and getting the career you want, by Tamara Erickson, which I’ve only overlooked briefly to start with but am eager to dig into. Usually, I’m not that interested in these workplace/business books about Generation X but recently I’ve been thinking that my own career — yes, I have a job! — away from the computer, this blog, my fiction efforts, could stand an upgrade. Hopefully, I get some useful info out of Tamara’s book.

Thanks to both authors for seeking me out. I promise to deliver.


6 responses to “The new GenX books are here! The new GenX books are here!

  1. You rock! Thanks for the mention. Forget the angst and let me know when you finish the book! I sincerely appreciate your reading it even though your schedule is hectic.

    Best of luck with your classes too!

  2. I’m so glad you’ve agreed to read my book — thanks! And I really hope you find the suggestions useful. Don’t stress — and thanks, again.

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