I came this close….

….to chucking this whole blogging gig.

What a tragedy that would have been, eh.

My life is in such turmoil right now — divorce, moving, possibly losing my job — that I just didn’t think I could muster the enthusiasm. I may be on meds and in counseling but I’m still about as bummed and blue as I can possibly be. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been this sad in my entire life. And I’ve always considered myself a kind of down dude, but maybe I just didn’t know what the hell I was talking about.

Anyhoo… yesterday I got an email from JenX67, asking if I wanted to be a regular contributing blogger to her site, Are You There God, It’s Me Generation X. She wants to turn it into a multi-blogger deal, which seems pretty cool to me.

Despite that, however, this is the kind of thing ‘ve found myself shrinking from for reasons best known to my therapist and God, I suppose. It’s difficult to explain but probably has something to do with my fear of responsibility combined with lack of confidence in my efficacy — can you tell I’m in therapy or what? In any case, I didn’t think that I’d be up to. I mean, I have a hard time regularly contributing to my own blog under the best of circumstances. I didn’t want to let Jen down.

But then I decided, no. I’m going to do this. I can. And I’m going to blog, mainly, about exactly what I’m going through — divorce and being a single dad. I ran it by Jen first and she thought it would be a good topic, since as Generation X these things will become more and more relevant.

So that’s what I’m going to attempt to do. We’ll see how it works.

However, this new venture won’t be up an running until perhaps early summer. So fro the time being you’ll have to get you’re Daily Whine from me right here. Although I wouldn’t expect it to be daily.

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