Bleak mornings in the grim shadow of divorce

Mornings are the hardest right now.

Especially with daylight saving time in effect (or is it affect?) and it’s still dark outside. I often wake before the alarm goes off and just lie there in bed, staring up through the dark at the ceiling. I’ve little, if any motivation, to get out of bed. That’s when my thought grow long and bleak, even dark at times.

Plus this morning it was raining.

It doesn’t help that work is slow and I’ve less than usual to occupy my time. Because what does help is doing something, anything, make a decision, even about the smallest thing. I find that planning for what’s coming next helps. And of course writing helps. Although it’s always temporary, very temporary. Minute you stop moving that’s when the bleakness sets in again. And there’s nothing to be done about it. It just is what is it.

4 responses to “Bleak mornings in the grim shadow of divorce

  1. Dave,

    Hang in there. I went through my own marital crisis last year. Fortunately we were able to save it. I don’t know you personally. We’ve never talked live or otherwise except through blog comments. But, let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Even just listen, as femine as that sounds. I know it can be an excruciating time going through divorce.

    Dave @mygenx.

  2. Thanks, Dave!

    I appreciate it. Just your response to my post, knowing that someone is out there listening, is a help.

  3. Keep writing. I have been on a writing frenzy since our crisis last summer. It has certainly helped. You will get so much creative energy let alone therapy from your writing.

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