Beware of Boomer saboteurs

Great post from JenX67 this morning regarding an article that discusses the ways in which Boomers may sabotage GenXers as there is a succession of power.

From the article itself:

To successfully transfer power, leaders must gradually share more and more of it over time. Collaborative leadership freely partners, shares and cooperates. That’s what older leaders need to be doing now to prevent major hiccups when they retire.

Are Bomers doing this now? If not, they should be. And if they aren’t it’s because they’re still operating under the delusion that they’ll never retire, never give up their hold on the power reigns.

Personally, I’m not all that interested in resting power from a Boomer, not in my current situation anyway. I want to do my thing — write. But I do know of a few GenXers who seem to be constantly bumping their heads against the fat, unmoving asses of Boomers.

What do you think — could this get ugly in some situations?


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