Let Single Dad Week begin

Colleen’s off to NYC for work today, which means that I’ll be doing the single dad thing with Addy for the remainder of the week.

She’s on her Spring Break and fortunately spending her days with a very cool babysitter. Addy loves hanging with older girls/women. Of course, she loves hanging with most anyone. Unlike me, she is quite the people person. Gets that from her mom. Wished I was more like that sometimes.

Anyhoo… Addy being on Spring Break makes my single-dad duties a little easier. I don’t have to worry about getting her up and ready for school in the morning. And I don’t have to pick her up from school. Also, we don’t have to deal with homework. Although Addy does need to work on her times tables — 7s through 12s mostly. Just need to get her dinner and rest is hang time.

We’ll probably watch movies, play video games, maybe a game of Sorry, and wrestle and have tickle fights. Nothing like a good tickle fight to boost your spirits, which I’m going to need today.

Why? Because today marks another step in the transition from being married and living in a home with Colleen and Addy to being divorces and moving in with my parents and living as a separate co-parent with Colleen. Life is going to get a bit more complicated. That’s for sure. And lonely. But it is what it is, right.

I’m not sure if Colleen being away will make it easier or harder? I’m conflicted about that. It was definitely hard this morning knowing we were entering this new phase, knowing that she would be gone all week and by time she retunred Addy and I would be gone. How will things be different once we finally do see each other again?  Took me awhile to finally get out the door this morning. <sigh> The rainy weather seem appropriate today.

At least, Addy and I have our trip to Indy to visit my brother, his partner Jim, and their daughter Riley to look foward to. We leave Friday morning for the weekend. Normally, I’d be a little stressed about packing and logistics but Addy’s already got that all organized in her head. She runs through the list of to-dos daily.


2 responses to “Let Single Dad Week begin

  1. Dear Chris I am very sad to hear that you are going thru a diffcult time in your life. It is what it is, is correct. Having been there and done that and I have the papers and memories and 3 Sons to prove it. There is a saying here the only person who benifits from a divorce is the lawyer. Just thought I would share a bit with ya and it was good to see you and your beatiful daughter at christmas. I do miss Grandma & Grandpa Lopez

    Mary Pat

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