Time to change the featured blog

It’s been way too long. Way too long. If the featured blog was Chinese food in the fridge it would be covered with mold.

The fresh featured blog is author David Moody’s. David Moody writes dystopian/zombie novels.  When his book Hater, the first in a trilogy, came out, I nabbed it based on the cover alone.

Wicked, right…!

Okay, I judge a book by its cover. So sue me. (Please don’t actually. I’ve no money.)

Anyhoo… the story lived up to the cover, so I feel vindicated. A wicked, savage tale of societal collapse and zombie infestation. Can’t wait for the next book, Dog Blood, a great title by the way. And of course another great cover. Comes out in June.

I want to add both of these titles to my zombie library.


2 responses to “Time to change the featured blog

  1. Featured blog! Well thank you! I appreciate it.

    Great to hear that you enjoyed Hater. Not long to wait for Dog Blood now. Glad also that you like the new cover (which took months of messing with as oppose to the 10 minutes playing around with red pain which became Hater!).

    • You’re welcome, dude. Always glad to promote fiction that I enjoy.

      Counting the days to Dog Blood.

      Keep them books coming!

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