Emotional Borderlands

Right now I feel as if I’m living in some kind of  bizarre borderland or something.

I’m married (technically anyway) and yet I feel alone. I live in a house that more and more it doesn’t feel like my home.

Thing about this borderland is that it is littered with these invisible vortexes or wormholes or whatever. They’re everywhere and it’s pretty much impossible to not stumble into one. And like that you’re sucked into a different dimension, a whole different emotional state, and fuck if you know how you got there. Makes you feel like you’re losing your mind sometimes And it can literally can make you feel and seem like a crazy person.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just stressed because I’m doing the single-parent thing again this week. Same as last week when Colleen was in NYC only this weeks a bit more difficult because Addy’s not on Spring Break,which means she needs to be dropped at school and picked up. She needs a lunch in the morning and dinner at night. Plus there’s homework after school. Damn, kids today have a lot of homework. At least, it’s only temporary for me. What about those people who do it every day. It doesn’t end after a week. It just keeps going and going…. How do they do it? What choice do they have, right?

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