Well, that’s that then…

… I guess.

So why do I feel as if there should be more, I don’t know, not fanfare, that’s not the right word, but more…something to mark this dismal occasion.

For one thing , it’s too bright and sunny outside to reflect my bleak  mood. My misery. Where is the rain? And the gray overcast sky? The chilly ill wind? Eh, who am I kidding, I know better — the world does not adjust itself to your moods. If it mirrors it it is simply a coincidence.


2 responses to “Well, that’s that then…

  1. My Mom told me what’s going on and you saw some of my e-mails when my emotions were at their peak. I found all I could so was hang in there, not be alone, talk to my parents, and after a couple of weeks things started to come together.
    Without a drop of alcohol or any other numbing substance, one day light broke through and then I saw light on the other side. That day WILL come. I thought of the other storms I’d weathered. You can call me anytime. Home is 586-677-0715. Cell is 586-738-5760.

    I can give you my lawyer’s #. Just let me know.

    Sometimes I just wanted to dump or just vent without expecting to hear some magical word or phrase that would make it all better – God Bless those who let me. If you need to do that DO IT. I’ll help you out in any way I can. It’s all pretty fresh in my mind.

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