My e-coming out

Check it out. JenX67 has posted my impending coming out as a contributing blogger on her site ,beginning in June. I got’s a bio and magnatar (whatever the hell that is) and everything.

I was hesitant about taking this on at first, but I finally talked myself into it. It took some coaxing though, let me tell you. Had to hold myself at squirt-gun-full-of-Frank’s-hot-sauce in the bathroom mirror for the better part of an hour to finally come around.

I’ll be concentrating on writing about being a divorced GenX dad since I’ll be getting plenty of first-hand material on that subject. But also about co-parenting with Colleen. And how we got about reforming our family in the wake of our divorce. Plus, I’m sure the fact that I’m boomeranging back to my  parents place for the third time is likely to provide some fodder, hopefully humorous and not too pathetic.

Anyway… here’s hoping I don’t screw up royally or make a complete fool of myself. Woo hoo!


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