Stuck in the land of If Only

If Only is a place you do not want to break down in, because it’s real easy to get stuck there, lost in a maze of regrets and woulda shoulda coulda blah blah blah.

If only I’d done that. If only I’d done this. If only this had happened. If only that had happened. If only this or that hadn’t happened, or I hadn’t done this or that. It’ll drive you batty. And who needs that, right?

I’ve spent some time wandering around in the land of If Only. It’s kind of cross between the land of the Lord of the Rings and that hedge-maze in The Shining. Yeah. Frightening. I know. And complete waste of time.

So when you see the road sign for If Only up ahead, hit the gas and speed on through. Because even Rambo could get lost there.


2 responses to “Stuck in the land of If Only

  1. I wish you weren’t going through this. I’ve been to If Only. Bad place. I spent way too long there. I realize now it was a complete waste of time. It was a trip I didn’t deserve to have to take. If people could only see the consequences of divorce they live with for a lifetime they’d think better of doing it. Hang in there. I pray for you daily…

    • Yeah. Me too.

      Of course, every day it gets a little more bearable. But then I soon as I feel good something happens to kick me in the head and I feel as if I’ve back-slided to where I started. Very frustrating.

      Thanks for the good thoughts, and prayers.

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