Stands for: Start Making It Livable for Everyone.

A little cryptic, right.

It’s part of the early intervention program for divorcing couples with minor children. After about a 45 minute lecture from a Referee, a lawyer, about how you can really screw up your kids by not getting along in a post-divorce world you are required to watch a couple of videos and listen to another mini-lecture about how  you can really screw up your kids by not getting along in the post-divorce world. A message so nice you have to hear it twice.

Video production was pretty lame, but it was worthwhile, just as a reminder of what NOT to do, and what you can do that will be helpful. Honestly, I didn’t mind, and was in fact glad that this was provided. Too bad this sort of thing wasn’t around when many of GeXs parents were divorcing; might have avoided a lot inflicting a lot of damage on a lot of kids. Ah, well, as the French say, C’est la vie

However, can’t help wondering if this meeting doesn’t have at least something to do with my heightened state of agitation this morning. Seriously, I feel like I’ve already hit my tipping point on coffee — shaking hands, increased heart rate, sure I’m going to bite someone’s head off any second and for the most minor of offenses, real or imagined.

Sitting in that little office with the county seal on the wall and the big  elevated desk that the Ref/Lawyer sits behind — she even had a freaking gavel, for crying out loud — made things seem really “real,” you know.

I hate it when things get real!


2 responses to “S.M.I.L.E.

  1. Someday, when the time is right, I’d be interested to hear what you’d say to someone ten years your junior who’s thinking divorce is inevitable. Not to talk them out of it, exactly. But about what it felt like to sit in a room with a Ref/Lawyer who was holding a gavel feeling like you were high on caffeine.

    When the time’s right.

    In the meantime, thanks for reading my blog, too.

  2. SMILE? Hmm, I wonder if that excludes your wife opening her shirt and saying “Look – I banged my book – take a look – NO – look look!” Ummm, was I supposed to catch that or fall for it?

    I assume SMILE excludes keeping the kid out and away from her father because she’s pissed at me for not rolling over as she had hoped. Smiling about it doesn’t make you nice, lady. Your father shouldn’t have forced his way into the house when you weren’t here either. Ooops. Sorry about the motion to bar him from the premises, but I don’t like the adrenaline rushes I’ve been getting when he touches me. No, I won’t react and take a swing at anybody like you intend. 1 month or so from a resolution here I hope.

    I just want this to be over. I don’t know why somebody would stay in the house and do everything they can to provoke some type of reaction. Not a sign of intelligence in my opinion.

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