Off weekend

It’s an off weekend, which means Addy is with her mom.

Our weekends had been pretty fluid, and we were all spending time together no matter whose weekend it was. But this weekend is a bit less so, though I’ll still see Addy on Sunday night. I guess we’re easing into more defined boundaries.

Anyhoo… what it means is that I need to find ways to occupy my time. More so than past weekends. Of course blogging helps, and I can do some other writing, work on my fiction. I can go see a movie, although I’m really trying to NOT spend money right now, as much as possible anyway, even though I could use a new pair of shoes…and jeans. But no! Funds must be saved! It is…imperative. Gasp!

Time drags on off weekends. It doesn’t help that it’s raining. Not a downpour or thunderstorm or threat of tornado, that would at least give me something to focus on, take my mind off … things. No. It’s just a steady drizzle, a mist really, persistent and with enough of chill to make you shiver a little.

It’s gray.


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