30 year Empire

Really? It’s been thirty years since The Empire Strikes Back was released in theaters? Wow. How time flies, eh.

Empire is my favorite in the Star Wars series, and I think arguably it is the best of the six films. The author of this article on salon.com backs that up.

The Empire Strikes Back, raised the bar on science fiction and fantasy storytelling. I would argue that it set the standard for the entire saga, becoming the measuring rod by which the other episodes in the Star Wars tale are judged.  I would also argue that no other Star Wars film has really lived up to the greatness of Episode V.  Of course the prequels are easily bashed, but not even A New Hope or Return of the Jedi had the scope, gravitas, and amazing story arc of The Empire Strikes Back.


Perhaps I’ll celebrate this Memorial Day weekend by watching it with my daughter, who is 9 and loves all things Star Wars. She’d have to to be my kid.


One response to “30 year Empire

  1. I had no idea that was 30 years ago this weekend. I just watched parts of Empire this week when I saw it on Spike.

    Even referenced it today in my blog post without realizing the timing. And yes, none of the other five compare in story-telling.

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